ADT LifeSaver Event Recognizes First Responders for Saving Resident’s Life During Carbon Monoxide Accident


Thousand Oaks, CA—What started as a typical day for Casting Director and Thousand Oaks resident Pixie Monroe, turned into a day she’ll never forget. After a truck from a well-known furniture cleaning company parked in Monroe’s driveway during a scheduled appointment, her home soon began filling up with carbon monoxide. Fortunately, Monroe’s ADT alarms were activated, and she was contacted by ADT dispatchers and instructed to evacuate her home. Minutes, later, the Ventura County Fire Department was on scene, and began their work to dispel the carbon monoxide.

Monroe says she is eternally grateful to the ADT personnel and the Ventura County Fire Department for their lifesaving actions and professionalism. She also hopes that her experience can be used to educate others and save lives. Carbon monoxide is truly a silent killer, and the more that homeowners know, the better they can protect themselves and their families.

To honor the heroic efforts of both the ADT employees and first responders, ADT held a LifeSaver event at Monroe’s home in Thousand Oaks. All four of ADT’s employees involved received ADT’s highest honor, the LifeSaver Award, and ADT presented the Ventura County Fire Department with $10,000 for their response.

ADT also wanted to use Monroe’s experience to educate others about the dangers of carbon monoxide. They produced a short video about Monroe’s story and showcased the heroes that came to her rescue; when completed the video will be posted on both and YouTube.